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A.T.Monitors is a leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of liquid leak detection and level monitoring solutions for almost any application.  With over 75 years of experience in the industry, William (Bill) Armstrong and his team provide a full selection of equipment designed to reliably detect liquid leaks and accurately measure levels in a cost-effective manner.  We pride ourselves in providing innovative solutions for common and unusual applications.

Our monitoring systems are in service in many organizations around the world, in multiple sectors including facilities for...
  • Liquid petroleum industry
  • Agriculture industry
  • Aerial transportation industry
  • Federal, provincial, state and local governments
  • Communication industry
  • Public utilities
  • Education industry
  • Astronomical observatories

Our Product Line

Since the begining, A.T.Monitors has adopted a simple and straightforward design approach, resulting in a durable and dependable product line manufactured to be simple to install and easy to operate.  Our new line of energy efficient, low voltage DC powered monitors can even operate from batteries, solar panels and/or wind generators.

A.T.Monitors specializes in supplying a variety of liquid leak and level monitoring products including...

  • Continuous level monitoring probes
  • Multi-level probes
  • Sensors for petroleum, water, brine and vacuum detectors
  • Monitors for all sensors and probes
  • Monitors with pump on and pump off functions for Generator Set (Genset) applications
  • Communication equipment to interface with sensors and monitors
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Our products are not only used to detect leaks and levels in petroleum tanks. We can also...

  • Detect leaks and flooding in boiler rooms, below-ground levels in buildings and underground tunnels
  • Detect presence of water in warehouses and museums to protect valuable assets
  • Detect condensation in large telescopes and activate heaters
  • Detect moisture in HVAC plenums to ensure that there is no building damage from condensation build-up
  • Detect water levels in deep underground wells
  • Measure other liquid levels such as beverages
  • Detect liquid levels in water troughs and ensure that enough water is available for cattle
  • Detect presence of water in computer rooms and data archives.

For the petroleum industry, liquid leak detection equipment is essential to meet regulatory compliance requirements and to reduce the environmental and financial impact of spills.  Level monitoring equipment allows you to effectively manage your fuel supply and ensure no interruption in operations.  For other industries, our products protect assets by reducing damage.

Why use a Liquid Leak Detection and Level Monitoring System?

We Evolve To Meet Our Customer Needs

A.T.Monitors is continually integrating new ideas and technologies into our products to meet customer's needs.  In some cases, we even develop new products to meet emerging and unusual requirements.

With agents throughout the world, A.T.Monitors is committed to providing you the best leak detection and level monitoring system to fit your needs.  Call or email us for more information.

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