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With its wide assortment of sensors, the A.T.Monitors line of liquid & materials monitoring systems can be used in virtually any commercial or industrial storage and handling operation or facility.  The ATI-5100 monitor, with its built-in battery backup, can provide continuous 24-hour monitoring, detection and protection.  Each A.T.Monitors liquid & materials monitoring system can be customized to meet your particular detection or monitoring requirements and storage conditions.
To make it easier to select compatible A.T.Monitors equipment, we've compiled a detailed Product Comparison & Selection Chart.
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image of indoor tank application
Standby power generator fuel storage tanks Day tanks and Genset systems.
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image of underground tanks application
app_above ground tanks (30K)
Petroleum leak detection for consumer, commercial, airport, marine and military fueling facilities.
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Liquid level monitoring in tanks.
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Petroleum leak detection at remote fueling stations and depots for off-road heavy equipment, logging and farming.
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image of buildings application
Water leak detection in any large buildings, including flooding and sewage backup detection in basements, underground parking garages and tunnels.
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image of warehouse application
Warehouse inventory protection against leaks caused by flooding, ruptured pipes or roof damage.
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image of museum application
Protect valuable and irreplaceable historical objects and artifacts from water damage.
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image of h v a c application
Water in air conditioning, HVAC and plumbing systems.
image of astronomical observatory
Detection of condensation and moisture accumulation in astronomical observatories, to protect sensitive equipment, telescopes and machinery.
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  • Factories, bulk plants, tank farms, tank cars.
  • Federal, Provincial and Municipal agencies.
  • Waste water management and waste fuel disposal storage.
  • Water pumps and storage tanks.
  • Oil/water separators.
  • Boiler rooms and plants.


For more details, download our 4-page liquid systems applications flyer.
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User Application Data

A.T.Monitors has produced a detailed form (online and downloadable) for users to enter all the relevant information about their application.

The data can be entered directly into the online form and click "Submit Form", or download the PDF form to fill out and Fax.

A.T.Monitors can then review this data and recommend the appropriate product or system for your specific application.

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User application data form
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