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A.T.Monitors® (a division of Armstrong Technologies Inc.)
14 Birch Drive
Kemptville, Ontario
K0G 1J0

Phone:  613-258-5225
Fax:  613-258-2698


Hours of operation:  Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm EST.

NOTE During the holidays, we will be closed from 12:00 noon December 21 to January 1.
We will return to normal hours of operation on January 2, 2019.



"Sometimes it's best NOT to update."  

link_Avast (11K) Avast Anti-Virus, with anti-malware built-in.  Also provides email and internet protection.  Rated the best free anti-virus in the world.
image link to Foxit p d f Reader Foxit Reader
A fast, feature-packed, bloat-free alternative to Adobe PDF Reader.  Now with tabbed file browsing.  (Note: Disable updates, version 6 not yet recommended due to mandatory add-ons).
image link to Firefox browser Firefox 37.0.2 (recommended) or Latest version
The world's best, safest and most customizable web browser.  Now surf faster and with increased security.
Essential add-onsAdblock Plus, Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus, DoNotTrackMe, Forecastfox, QuickJava, Undo Closed Tabs Button, Redirect Cleaner, Print pages to PDF, and Foxtab.
Note: Verify that add-ons work with latest version before updating.
image link to Thunderbird e mail Thunderbird 38.5.0
The award winning e-mail application with the most powerful, integrated junk mail filter.
Essential add-onsLightning calendar, LookOut and Select Addressbook Text.
NOTE: Verify that add-ons work with latest version before updating.
image link to Moz Backup MozBackup
An easy-to-use and effective utility to backup and restore all your data, settings and plugins from Firefox and Thunderbird.
image link to Libre Office dot org
image link to Open Office dot org or
The popular, free and open productivity suites.  ODF (Open Document Format) is a certified open standard worldwide (OASIS in 2005, ISO in 2006).
Can also open and edit ANY type of Microsoft Office document.
A.T.Monitors documents are made with LibreOffice.
image link to C S A Canadian Standards Association
image link to U L C Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada
image link to U L Underwriters Laboratories (USA)
image link to E P A United States Environmental Protection Agency
(link to the International Cooperation web page for Canada)
image link to E P A TSSA - Technical Standards & Safety Authority

User Application Data

A.T.Monitors has produced a detailed form (online and downloadable) for users to enter all the relevant information about their application.

The data can be entered directly into the online form and click "Submit Form", or download the PDF form to fill out and Fax.

A.T.Monitors can then review this data and recommend the appropriate product or system for your specific application.

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download the user application data form download pdf

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