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With either our largest ATI-5100 or our feature packed ATI-6107, the A.T.Monitors line of liquid/materials monitors offer flexible alternatives to meet a diverse range of applications.  These monitors can be combined with any of A.T.Monitors' sensors and probes to provide the ideal system for industrial, commercial, military, marine, farming and many other applications.
To make it easier to select compatible A.T.Monitors equipment, we've compiled a detailed Product Comparison & Selection Chart.
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ATI-5100  Monitor

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The ATI-5100 16-channel monitor offers an affordable full service solution for almost any leak detection application.  Designed to interface with any ATI liquid sensors, this device provides immediate notification of liquid leaks and level changes.  The ATI-5100 comes standard with the following features:

  • 12 Intrinsically Safe (IS) barrier protected channels.
  • 4 non-IS channels (can be used for sensors in non-hazardous areas or ATI-5020 probes).
  • Built-in battery backup with low voltage indication.
  • Individual LED indicators for power, battery and alarms.
  • Impact resistant and shock proof plastic enclosure.
  • Audible alarm with timer and acknowledge button.
  • Alarm reset button (accessible only by unlocking the front cover).
  • Independent, jumper configured 1 Amp SPDT relays (one on each channel).
  • Key-locking transparent front cover.
  • Compact enough to be mounted in any small space.


ATI-5100 data sheet
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ATI-6107, ATI-6107D & ATI-6107GS  Monitor Panels

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image of 61 o 7 d monitor
image of 61 o 7 g s monitor

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The ATI-6107 is our compact full service monitor designed to interface with any of our sensors, and can provide optional liquid level display.  Based on the circuitry of our ATI-5100 monitor, the ATI-6107 will provide ultra-reliable, uninterrupted service for years.  This unit replaces the ATI-5107 monitor (now obsolete).

The ATI-6107GS is our newest version of this monitor for use with a 4-level ATI-5020 probe (on channels 1 to 4) for use on GENSET systems (emergency diesel generators), providing pump on/off function to automatically refill the day tank.  It now features a plug-in display module for our ATI-5029 probe for supply tank level measurement.  Channels 5 and 6 can be used with our other sensors.

NOTE: Please fill in 6107GS config sheet (see downloads) when ordering.

They're the first monitors of their kind to provide simple installation and DIP switch setup, intrinsically safe (IS) sensor inputs, and complete environmental protection to a level of NEMA-4X (IP66).  Operating from 12-24VDC, this monitor is ideal for use in remote locations using solar or wind power.  These features offer amazing versatility and ease-of-use not found among comparable products (if any) on the market.

  • 6 Intrinsically Safe (IS) barrier protected channels.
  • 6 SPDT 8 Amp relays (one per channel).
  • Individual LED indicators for power and alarms.
  • Impact resistant and shock proof, cULus certified polycarbonate enclosure.
  • Environmentally sealed to a level of NEMA-4X (IP66).
  • Audible alarm with volume adjust, and acknowledge switch (toggle up) to silence.
  • Reset switch (toggle down) to deactivate latched relays (on standard ATI-6107 only).
  • Simple DIP switch configuration of all functions.
  • Operates from any 12-to-24 VDC power supply.
  • Compact enough to be mounted in any small space.
  • cULus listed

Both are in production and available now.  For more information, download the product data sheets or contact us.


ATI-6107 data sheet
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ATI-6107GS data sheet
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ATI-6107GS config sheet
(required when ordering)
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ATI-6107 mounting holes drill template
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ATI-DM335  Display Module  (DISCONTINUED)

image of d m 3 3 5 module

NOTE:  This unit has been discontinued and is no longer available.  It will soon be replaced by our new ATI-6120 level display module.

The ATI-DM335 is a compact digital display module which provides a continuous liquid level readout with optional alarm levels (LO/HI).  It has been designed to be used with any 4-20mA analog level sensing device, including the ATI-5029 explosion-proof level monitoring probe.  The module is DIN rail mountable and operates on a low voltage DC power supply.

The ATI-DM335 module is available as a single unit installed into a corrosion/impact resistant, NEMA-4X enclosure.  A.T.Monitors can also provide multiple modules installed in larger enclosures for applications where there are two or more locations to monitor.  The NEMA-4X enclosures feature transparent or windowed front covers for easy viewing of the display(s).


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ATI-RAM1 & RAM1C  Remote Alarm Modules

image of ram 1 module
image of ram 1 c module

The ATI-RAM1 module offers the basic features you need for your remote alarm/acknowledge applications, in a corrosion/impact resistant, NEMA-4X enclosure.  When used in conjunction with any of our liquid monitors it provides users with a way to be notified of an alarm condition at the remote location and the ability to acknowledge the alarm.

The ATI-RAM1 can also be connected to any other brand of monitor that features Normally Open alarm contacts.



The ATI-RAM1C is the latest addition to our product line.  This module has been designed for use in cold environments where the ambient temperature can drop below -20°C (-4°F).  The ATI-RAM1C features internal insulation and a thermostat-controled heating element that activates when the temperature drops below -15°C (+5°F).

For more information, download the product data sheet or contact us.




ATI-RAM1 data sheet
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