Liquid Leak Detection
and Level Monitoring

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slide show of various applications A.T.Monitors® is a leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of liquid leak detection and level monitoring solutions for almost any application.  We provide a full selection of equipment designed to reliably detect liquid leaks and accurately measure levels in a cost-effective manner.  We pride ourselves in providing innovative solutions for common and unusual applications.  Our products are manufactured to a high quality, built to last, and deployed around the world.  Many of our products have been operating for over 30 years without fail.
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ATI-BBM1  Battery Backup Module

Available soon, our new ATI-BBM1 battery backup module is designed to provide simple and effective power management during power outages ... 
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ATI-5016T  Thread-mount Petroleum Sensor

A new addition to our line of sensors is the ATI-5016T Thread-mount Petroleum Sensor, designed to screw into a 3/4" NPT fitting ... 
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ATI-5005F  Floor Water Sensor

A new addition to our line of water sensors is the ATI-5005F Floor Water Sensor ... 
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Featured Product

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The updated ATI-6107GS monitor now features a built-in numeric LED display and added terminal block for an ATI-5029 level measurement probe.  An external ATI-DM335 module is no longer required.
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Why use a Liquid Leak Detection and Level Monitoring System?


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